I Love Henna Brows


So where do I start with the most exciting treatment I’ve come across in a long time?

I first discovered Henna eyebrows about a year ago, whilst having a little browse on the internet. I got the feeling straight away that this is what’s going to make my business different. I started my research and soon came to realise there is no one else in Surrey or London doing this. I wanted these Henna brows done now and I wanted to do my training now, just because that’s what I’m like. it’s now or nothing.


It was a pain searching for courses as they were all up in the North, there was nothing around here for this Surrey girl. When I did find a course it was a  bit of a drive, but hey, I was going to have new brows and become a fully qualified Henna eyebrow technician. In the back of my head I knew I was going to teach this Henna eyebrow therapy to all of the beauty therapists in Surrey and London. A few days later mission completed!!! So, the process was pretty straight forward, I volunteered to be the model for the class, which was fun, and then we worked on each other. I had my eyebrows done and they looked amazing, two whole weeks of the skin being stained and 6 weeks on the hair is perfect for me, as I do not have time every morning to pencil in the patches from my faded tattooed brows. These brows are a must have for the life we are all living, wether you’re a busy stay at home mum, or rushing around to get to work, or if you like to have make up on at the gym. The feeling of knowing your not going to sweat your brows off in the gym is amazing, trust me I know!!

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