Gel Nails are a Must Have

Gel nails a life must have for any woman. I first started doing gel nails over ten years ago, they emerged on the beauty industry radar and yes, I had to jump on it straight away. This is when I had my own High Street salon, so you can imagine how busy, I got it was nail-nails-nails and my favourite treatment to do. I do a set of gels and I’m just like “I’m so good at these” (I say it in my head not to my clients, lol).

My clients fell in love with this new polish, they knew they could go about their busy life and they wouldn’t have one chipped nail for at least the next two weeks. One of the best things about gel polish is that it takes 30 seconds to cure under the lamp and your nails are instantly dry, so no need to worry about searching in your bag for your bank card or phone, risking smudges or chips. I love gel nails so much I even went into labour standing in the shellac queue at the professional beauty exhibition, if that’s not dedication I don’t know what is. So, I’ve tried quite a few brands I know what’s hot and what’s not. To be honest the first lot of gels that came out on the market weren’t as good a quality as the ones we have available now. I’ve got amazing techniques for applying and removal and also the know how to teach you how to paint perfect. I’ve got to give thanks to my beauty therapy teacher Sandra, she was amazing and taught me a lot of what I know today. Thanks Sandra!!! Booking onto this course will definitely boost your client list. It’s the most popular treatment I’ve ever come across and there are so many beautiful colours available now too.

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