Waxing, it just has to be done!

It’s gotta be done girls and guys, after all, who wants to shave in the morning and be all prickly by the evening, erm not me. I first discovered waxing from a young age, probably about 14, so not young for girls these days. I didn’t want hairy legs and I don’t have them now, thanks to years of waxing the hair gradually stops growing back where it pulled out straight from the root. Waxing was nothing like it is now, back then you had to be well off and it was a real luxury. People didn’t really have their eyebrows waxed either, it would be more like “half a leg wax and a little tidy up of the bikini area, please”.

My how times have changed. It’s Hollywood waxes all round, no pain no gain.

When I trained to be a therapist 16 years ago I soon started specialising in waxing I picked it up really quickly and now use both warm strip wax and hot wax. I enjoyed waxing so much and my clients always come back, it’s quite a personal thing really and they all seem to feel quite comfortable around me. I even had these two men in one day having back, sack and crack waxes. They wanted to film it, so I charged them double and told them not to film me. An hour later they went off back to their building site. it’s a good job I’m quick at waxing and apparently I don’t hurt, plus it’s a good money maker. I can do you a Brazilian in 15 minutes. Once you have done your training practice on your friends and family, practice on yourself. Get your clients booked in every four to six weeks, and you will build your client list up, trust me I’ve done it. 

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